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… it is arguably our best fair in Texas (and one of the best across the country) that we have ever attended …

- A. Kamakawiwoole, Patrick Henry College

HEART College night helped lead our daughter to the right decision about college.

- Patrick & Belinda Harrell

As a parent, you want your child to succeed. The hope of success is partly why you keep on home schooling. For many of our children, that success will include college.

Our oldest daughter, Halley, was in her “gap year,” a time of searching between high school graduation and whatever the future holds. Halley knew her spiritual gifts and talents, but she wasn’t sure where to pursue them.

My wife, Belinda, asked Halley to join her at HEART’s annual “College Night”. Halley declined, saying, “I’m not even sure I want to go to college.” Belinda and I decided to attend anyway. I hoped to learn which colleges offered huge scholarships and free tuition (home school fathers do that). Except, on the afternoon of College Night, Halley changed her mind (teenagers do that) and decided she might as well attend.

When they arrived at College Night, Halley and Belinda met friendly folks who directed them to the right area of the building for the seminars. Belinda chose the financial options seminar and Halley picked a seminar on writing an attention-getting high school transcript. The seminar leaders even taught what to ask the college recruiters.

Belinda and Halley entered the college room and were excited to see so many schools represented. The room was arranged to make it easy to visit the colleges that interested Halley. The more tables she visited, the more excited Halley became.

College recruiters spoke with Halley, answering her many questions, taking as much time as necessary to explain why their university would or wouldn’t fit her calling. Then she visited the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor where the recruiter, Brent Burks, spent over 30 minutes explaining the “why” and “how” of his university. As Brent spoke, Halley listened, and the Lord revealed His plan.

I wasn’t there on that College Night, so I can’t say that lights came down and angels sang. I can say Halley’s lights came on and her parents sang. On February second, Halley attended College Night without a firm plan for her educational future. We’d never even considered Mary Hardin-Baylor as an option. By February fifteenth, Halley was an incoming freshman at UMHB with numerous scholarships. She even had a UMHB sticker for her car window. Wow!

When you attend HEART’s College Night, I can’t say your child will see such fast and clear results. I can say you’ll get more information to make your decision. The Harrell family is grateful for HEART’s College Night and we’ll be attending with our other children.

Patrick & Belinda Harrell
An Imperfect Father

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