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Homeschool with HEART!
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Homeschool Classes at the Fort Worth Zoo!

$25/student Ages 6-12
Includes snack, Interactive Lab, live animal presentation, and admission to the Zoo on class day.
Class Schedule:  See listing below for monthly class themes
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Location:  Fort Worth Zoo, 1989 Colonial Parkway, Fort Worth, TX 76110

Discount:  The Fort Worth Zoo is offering HEART of Texas members (with a valid ID card) a free backpack for Heart of Texas Members who sign up for 5 classes and notify us. We then have a backpack for them when they come to class. 
To Learn About HEART of Texas Membership: http://www.heartoftex.org/resources/membership

Ages 6-8:
Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell – Explore the five senses and find out how animals use their senses to live in the wild. Each student will learn grade-appropriate information based upon Texas Department of Education standards for science, math, and English language arts.
Aug 25 -- Sight: Raptor Canyon
Sept 8, 22 -- Sound: Texas Wild! Mountains & Deserts
Oct 13, 27 -- Taste: Musuem of Living Art (MOLA)
Nov 10, 24 -- Touch: African Savannah
Dec 8, 29 -- Smell: Australian Outback/Great Barrier Reef
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Ages 9-12:
All living organisms are arranged into different groups. The more features a group shares, the more specific the group is. Discover the
levels of classification, the history of how scientists have organized different species and what they do when a new species is discovered. Each student will learn grade-appropriate information based upon Texas Department of Education standards for science, math, and English language arts.
Aug 25 -- What are the levels of classification?
Sept 8, 22 -- Key figures that have shaped modern classification
Oct 13, 27 -- How does a species get its name?
Nov 10, 24 -- Word origins & their meanings
Dec 8, 29 -- Discover a new species
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Ages 13-15:  Fort Worth Zoo's Nature Educators in Training (NET)

Cost:  $75 (includes 10 one-on-one classes, offered Monday-Friday)
Want to learn more about zoology, ecology and the natural sciences? The Fort Worth Zoo’s Nature Educators in Training (N.E.T.) program provides local high school students the opportunity to learn more about environmental sciences and prepare for their fields of study, as well as earn class credit. Over the course of 10 weeks, students will take 10 two-hour classes and participate in 20 hours of homework, 10 hours of field trips and 10 hours of volunteer work, totaling the state-required 60 hours for class credit.  Classes will take place at the Zoo and are offered five days a week, year-round. (Students who wish to only audit the classes will receive a certificate for 20 hours.)

To apply for the NET program:
Download the application
2.  Email your completed application to the
Zoo Education Staff
3.  You will be contacted for an interview time.
4.  After an interview, you will be provided a link to register.

This program provides local home-schooled teens the opportunity to assist our Zoo Preschool teachers. They help set up, clean up and assist students with crafts and excursions into the Zoo. Volunteens come in once a week for half of the day, either from 8:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. or 12:45 to 4:15 p.m. The fall session runs from September to December and the spring session runs from January to May. Applications are completed online and interviews are scheduled after the final application date. After interviewing all applicants, the Education staff will make selections. Selected Volunteens are required to attend a mandatory orientation prior to the start of the semester.
For Information about Registering for this program:
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Details: Located in Texas Wild! near the wishing well, the Zoo’s newest building is the home base for many Texas-based education programs, primarily the Zoo’s latest offering, Texas Nature Traders. This formalized program encourages kids (age 3 and older) to explore the outdoors and bring to the building fossils, rocks, bones, plants and other artifacts in exchange for points. Traders can redeem points (or save them for future use) for items in the Nature Trader inventory. Texas Nature Traders operates seven days a week, opening at 11 a.m. and closing one hour before the Zoo closes. Stop by to look around, ask questions and become a nature trader!

Details: Sam is a fictional character that the Zoo has created to teach wildlife biology and conservation lessons to students, mostly 3rd through 5th grade. Sam posts a “brain teaser” every Monday, the brain teaser answer on Tuesday, a “spotlight” blog on Wednesday (usually telling a specific animal’s conservation story), teacher resource on Thursday and occasionally an applicable video on Friday. Safari Sam is busy! 

Safari Sam's “Nature Finders Contest”
Get kids outside on a nature journaling activity!
For more information: click here 
Visit Safari Sam's Blog at:  Click Here

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