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The HEART of Texas is a regional home school organization servicing home school families in the North Texas region. We can help you find answers to any questions you may have about how to get started on your home schooling journey, as well as help you find a local support group to so you can start connecting with other home school families near you. To find out which groups are near you, click here.

We also publish a bi-weekly e-newsletter FREE of charge! Our newsletter is chock full of helpful articles, activities, field trips, events, classes, museum exhibits, and lots of other things that are going on within the North Texas area. If you wish to receive this wonderful home school resource, sign up by clicking on our home page here.

What else does HEART of Texas do?

HEART of Texas hosts several regional events for home school families, including our annual regional homeschool college night, the only one like it in the state of Texas! HEART of Texas also hosts an annual regional leadership conference and a home school Expo highlighting resources of benefit to home schoolers, as well as organizations wishing to reach out to the home school community.

HEART of Texas Membership

Becoming a member of HEART of Texas provides your family with valuable benefits. Joining HEART of Texas will allow your family to attend our events at a substantial discount. Your membership will also allow you to take advantage of the many exclusive discounts from our ever-expanding list of partners, including $15 off the Texas Home School Coalition membership fee. You can view our current partner discounts here.  Finally, joining HEART of Texas supports our work and helps us to keep our website and organization operating.

For more information about HEART of Texas family membership, please click here and download our family subscriber form.

Texas Home School Coalition

Once you make your decision to homeschool, we highly recommend becoming a member of Texas Home School Coalition, which is our state advocacy organization for homeschooling. Joining the Texas Home School Coalition is a worthy investment. If you ever have a difficulty with a school district or a state agency regarding homeschooling, the Texas Home School Coalition will intervene on your behalf to end the confrontation and confirm the right of parents to teach their children at home, and they will also provide free legal assistance representation if necessary.  THSC has done a tremendous job helping home school families in Texas retain their freedoms by serving as our advocate in Austin and developing relationships with our state representatives.
To join THSC or to learn more, visit their website at www.thsc.org.

How Do I Choose a Curriculum?

Texas state law requires home schoolers to pursue, in a bona fide manner, a curriculum that teaches math, reading, spelling, grammar, and a course in good citizenship. 

There are many excellent curricula to choose from, ranging from very inexpensive to very expensive, depending upon the type of curriculum you choose and how much help you need the curriculum to provide you. Because each homeschool family has its own unique set of circumstances, there is no “one size fits all” curriculum.

The goal of a curriculum should be not only to provide the basic required subjects (math, reading, grammar, spelling, and a course in good citizenship), but also to allow your child to learn according to his/her learning style and personal pace. One advantage home schoolers have is that they can tailor-make their child’s curriculum to match their unique style of learning. A curriculum that works for one family might not work for another. The best thing to do is to view the curriculum in person before you make a purchase.

Where Can I Find Curriculum?

We highly recommend that you research curriculum at one of the many homeschool book fairs throughout Texas, where you can have the opportunity to see the curriculum and ask questions of the curriculum representatives before you make a purchase. Many curriculum representatives are home schoolers themselves, and are experts at how the curriculum is best used. We feel that a book fair is the very best opportunity homeschool families have to make an informed buying decision.

You may also purchase curriculum at a home school bookstore that sells curriculum or online.

A Word About Homeschool Bookfairs / Conferences

We heartily support the endeavors of all of the organizations which work very hard to coordinate a bookfair/conference to bring together many curriculum publishers and suppliers under one roof. It is no easy task. Being able to meet with these curriculum suppliers is, in our opinion, the very best way to learn about a curriculum and determine if it’s going to be appropriate for your family. When you purchase curriculum from the publisher directly, you usually have the advantage of receiving special helps and/or training to learn how to use the curriculum most effectively. Some curriculum suppliers/publishers even have online help-lines or other types of assistance available for families who have specific questions while using the curriculum.

Purchasing your curriculum through the representative with whom you speak at the bookfair not only helps to support the curriculum publishers who create the materials, but also demonstrates good stewardship because your purchase will directly benefit the families who travel to the bookfair. Many of the curriculum representatives are fellow homeschoolers who count on bookfair sales for their living. Please keep this in mind if you are planning to purchase your curriculum from another source after the bookfair. It is simply not good etiquette to spend time at the bookfair “picking the rep’s brain” to learn how to use the curriculum and then buy it from another source.

You can also begin your search for curriculum here.

How Can I Find a Support Group?

If you are interested in meeting other homeschool families for support, field trips, co-op classes, etc., we strongly recommend you join one of the many support groups throughout the North Texas area. For assistance finding a support group near you, please click here to send us an email and we will be happy to help you find a group near you!

How Can I Sign Up for HEART’s Free E-Newsletter?

We send out an e-newsletter twice a month, highlighting activities, news and information of interest to homeschoolers in North Texas. You can sign up for free on our home page here.

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