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The Christian Institute of Islamic Studies was founded five years ago to educate and equip the church to effectively minister the gospel to Muslims.  
The course “Understanding Islam” is available to homeschoolers through the TCIIS website.  Recommend for high school homeschoolers only, as the course is virtually the same as university level.  
 *Through 8/31, tuition is discounted 50%. HEART members take an additional 10% off using the discount code “HEART.”
*Dual credit (not yet available but in progress)

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Effective Tutoring Services is excited to announce the creation of two terrific new programs for homeschoolers.  As in our one-on-one support, these new programs also offer risk free, guaranteed tutoring through specialized, certified teachers to students ages Kinder-College, including Special Needs.

Small Group Collaborative Program (Ratio 7:1) Students benefit academically, gain in social interaction, cultural diversity, self-management, problem-solving and modeling of societal behaviors. Priced at 10% off for Heart members, this 4 week program assembles in a local library for 2-hour sessions twice a week. Students receive 20 hours of customized instruction for a total of $292.50.
Paired Learning (Ratio 2:1) In paired learning students gain from both one-on-one instruction and peer group learning through 12 hours of certified academic support. Priced at 10% off for Heart members, this customized program provides targeted subject support, test preparation (ACT/SAT), general instruction or Special Needs support. This 4 week program meets twice a week, with 1.5 hour sessions. Pricing is as follows: Elementary level $229.50, Middle School $247.50, and High School $297.00.

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Fred Halpern is offering Math Tutoring, including H.S. SAT, GMAT, THEA and Calculus. Fred has 10 years experience as a college math teacher and the introductory lesson is free! HEART of Texas members receive a $3 / hour discount.

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J.O.Y. Christian Academy is offering HEART of Texas members $35 extended early registration for the 2013 Homeschool Cotillion in Decatur/Wise County
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Morning Glory Academy offers worthwhile, group learning activities for homeschooled children ages 5-15 while studying World History, Geography, Language Arts, and Science. HEART of Texas members will receive a 5% discount on monthly or semester tuition payments.

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The Multisensory Reading Center is offering HEART of Texas members (with valid membership cards) a 5% discount on the Lexercise Dyslexia Therapy tutoring program.
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Play-Well TEKnologies is offering Engineering with LEGO™ classes to Home School Groups in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area. We supply the LEGO™, the expertise and the fun projects. You supply the kids and the location. Together we create hands-on learning. HEART of Texas members will receive $10 off the price of one of our 8 - 10 week courses.

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PyCraft Is a coding group based in Dallas, Texas especially designed for homeschoolers by a homeschooling family. We host local classes and offer online classes to homeschoolers all over the world.

Our online PyCraft class is Python coding combined within the game Minecraft. Children HAVE to code using Python in survival mode to progress within Minecraft. No cheats allowed! Our PyCraft server ensures children have to code to progress. It's a great way for education to be fun. Our server is NOT a public server, it is private and monitored.

PyCraft is for ages 7 - 18 years.

Usual cost is $9.95 a month. HEART members will receive a $2.00 discount every month making the cost $7.95.

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Quo Vadis Educators offers classes in Garland, TX
Teens: History/Literature/Worldview/Geography/Bible multi-credit courses; Spanish; Speech; Choir; Report-Writing; Sciences; Drama (full theater production every Spring; auditions in December).
Children: 2-week Theater Workshops summer and January.

Quo Vadis Educators offers HEART of Texas members the following discounts: $5/month off tuition all year (up to 9 months per student per school year) AND Children's Theater Workshop Half-Price Tuition ($45 value, limit one discount per workshop)

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Scrambled Language Therapy - Scrambled Language Therapy, LLC can accommodate Dyslexia in its many forms, struggling readers, and non-readers for reading remediation. HEART of Texas members with a current membership are offered 10% off all packages.
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THEO is now offering HEART of Texas members with a valid ID card 20% off their regular application fee. THEO was founded to support your home school, to provide a central place for you to find help for your student’s academic needs and to encourage you to finish home educating through your student’s senior year.

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The Vine Academy seeks to assist the home school parent by providing quality classes for middle and high school students. Classes meet once a week, with the student completing their homework during the week. All classes are taught from a Christian perspective and students are encouraged to engage society with grace and truth. HEART of Texas members are given $5 off per month on tuition.
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WestCliff Tutoring is offering HEART of Texas members (with valid membership cards) a 5% discount on Physics and Chemistry Class Tuition.
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E.A. Young Academy is a not-for-profit private academy dedicated to the gifted, talented, and high ability scholar. HEART of Texas card-holders can receive $45 off each Ignite Summer program Intensive. As Enrichment Classes are developed, members can receive a percentage off of those classes as well.

Linda Mir Tutoring is now offering HEART of Texas members a 10% discount on tutoring services. Linda has 20 years experience teaching and offers math tutoring from 6th grade through Algebra. Inquiries welcome.